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    Vestrum Italy, brand new style

    A very recognizable style made of unusual and high-quality materials. With Vestrum it is possible to create a total look for competitions and for the whole weekend. Shop online Vestrum on Amazon Perfect, for example, the Halifax women’s sweatshirt with black hood, in soft cotton, ideal for fitting during mid-seasons, on sale at Amazon for € 122 (click for product details)

  • Italian

    White or Red?

    Sport Tech line Cavalleria Toscana saddlepad and flay veil with beige ‘tone sur tone’ from the is original and elegant. For those who prefer more vibrant colours, the classic red saddlepad on sale on the e-commerce site of Mascheroni in promotion. Link to the shop

  • Italian

    A small gem…

    A small Italian gem, the BB Bag of Makebe is a bag in genuine “calf” hand-painted calf leather and Tuscan vegetable tanned cowhide. Capacious and versatile, it is available in 9 colors and can be ordered directly online on Makebe’s website  

  • Animo,  Italian

    Basic but scrappy

    Spring Summer 2018 Preview: Animo’s sleeveless Bia t-shirt is basic but characterful. Available in white and blue, and with a pastel palette, we’ll see soon, hopefully, in the upcoming outdoor competitions. Link here to product features.

  • Italian

    Shining like gold

    The Secchiari boots (made to measure only) are certainly not unnoticed – the leather surface is treated with a special chrome with orange reflections to shine even on the darkest days. Waiting for the launch of the new site Secchiari (currently in progress) you can order on the English site Equiclass. They have ad important price (but the particularity of the model and the custom realization make it justified): £ 790.00 (about € 900).

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    For Horses – something you probably do not know about this brand

    … There is a reality of the equestrian fashion, For Horses, that has chosen to stay alongside Gessica Notaro, former competitor of Miss Italy contest attacked with acid by her ex boyfriend in 2017 and now competitor of ‘Dancing with the Stars ‘ live now on Italian Rai1 network, and that Gessica has chosen to use the sportwear signed For Horses even during the rehearsals of the show. Ps. To foster and support Gessica visit her official website.

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    Sarm Hippique – summer collection

    Sarm Hippique (very Italian, despite the vaguely French name) presents on its website the news for spring – summer 2018. The color palette, in addition to the classic and inevitable white, blue and black, offers for the female models fresh tonalities as the turquoise and the lilac, with or without grip, and all with the elastic bottom for a better fit under the boot or the gaiter. The Stacy model (here in lilac and turquoise in the post) features contrasting trim on the front and back pockets and a silver foil print and glitter on the back pockets.   Click here for 2018 collection preview.      

  • Equiline,  Italian

    Basic and unisex

    The Miami Equiline padded waistcoat is a basic must have in every rider’s wardrobe. It is Soft, able to adapt to all needs and ensured the highest wearability. The maximum comfort during work is guaranteed by the lightweight nylon highly resistant to water and wind. A concealed zip opening on the inside back of the garment allows easy embroidering. Machine washable. Available in various sizes and colors, unisex, and ‘on sale on MySelleria at a very attractive price (€ 59). Click here for the product

  • Cavalleri Toscana,  Italian

    Cavalleria Toscana’s Revolution

    Revolution: this is the name of the new collection of Cavalleria Toscana. Stretch, Wind Proof, Water Repellent, highly breathable and quick-drying. these are the main characteristics of the fabrics of this collection (with both male and female garments), which perfectly responds to the needs of fit and practicality of the most demanding athletes.

  • Italian,  Kep Italia

    KEP Cromo Textile – safety and sex appeal

    The KEP Cromo Textile collection made by KEP Italia has luxurious details, as this one black with embroidered silk details of flower blossom (front and back) and Swarovski crystals. Luxury finishing for a high tier product (price is high as well,  (1.170€) on Amazon (click here for details). More affordable the grey version with the front silk detail and without Swarovski. (click here for details. All KEP caps are done in Italy, with the Italian touch of design, elegance and glamour.     Perfect helmet temperature is guaranteed by the KEP AIR CONTROL SYSTEM that ensures optimal ventilation by controlling the internal temperature and circulation of the air, which flows through…

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    From moto races to showjumping

    Thank to its know how in moto racing,  Dainese presented some years ago also a small but selected collection of equestrian equipment to provide safety and freedom to move. The chest protection GILET BALIOS 3 BETA ADJ version follows the awarded  GILET BALIOS 3. Its esagonal surface he whole surface is a pattern of hexagonal soft protective tiles in Crash Absorb® memory retention foam bonded together in a run resistant breathable mesh fabric. Each tile has a degree of freedom in all axis so the overall construction perfectly retrace the contour of the torso and follows it in all its movements like it was a protective second skin. and is sold…