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    Clean and tidy

    With the big Equiline bag in the classic blue and white, you’ll never miss bandages, legs protections and small things. Is sold on Amazon at 118€. Click here for the deal  

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    S1 – Safe Riding

    They are called S1 Safe Riding (where S1 stands for ‘safety first’, safety first), the Equiline stirrups produced by Safe Riding that open completely, to get rid of it in every situation. The exclusive cushioned and tilting platform is equipped with an innovative gripping system to fit every knight’s movement. The 45 ° bracket arrangement on the bracket makes the saddle position more comfortable. On the Safe Riding site, you can also customize the side cover with text and image.The S1 stirrups are on sale at Amazon discounted (7% off the price list, with savings of over 30 € compared to traditional stores). Go to the Amazon deal  

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    Equiline classic rug is here!

    Even horses like classics. A robust navy cotton rug is what it takes to tackle the winter. Suitable also as undercover, the Equiline rug presented here is the Reynosa model, it is sold by Amazon. Go to Amazon deal.        

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    Save the Sheep through Veredus

    Commendable initiative by Veredus launching the line Save The Sheep. Techno sheepskin protectors, totally cruelty free. The inner lining is man-made and devoid of any animal-derived. Wash easily and dry quickly: the real lambskin is instead of long and difficult maintenance, soft mesh and facilitates the release of sand, minimizing the abrasion of the limb, are embracing and comfortable, more natural fur and finally have excellent durability, even on an aesthetic level: the true lamb skin tends to dry out , stiffen and turn yellow. For those who love animals, a conscious choice and ethics!

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    The evergreen saddle pad

    A classic evergreen, the B01041 Mill in saddle equiline has hexagonal stitching, and embroidered logo. Available in red, grey and blue in the iconic, is available at 73.50 € on The Saddlery Online